Alexander Wang / by Didier Young

That moment when you are twining with Alexander Wang.

Alexander. A name that may seem banal yet when paired with the last name Wang, one may envision his signature twist on contemporary urban design. The name Alexander Wang first emerged on the catwalks of New York fashion week during Fall 2007. Received with much acclaim, Alexander then proceeded to win the CFDA/ Vogue fashion fund which signalled to the world that a new star was born in fashion. Since then, Mr. Wang went on to create his own constellation namely with a line of handbags, his diffusion line T By Wang, a collaboration with H&M, a two year stint as the Creative Director of Balenciaga and an upcoming partnership with German sports giant Adidas.

The Alexander Wang  pop-IN is still open for a couple of weeks before the next one appears.

One of the favourite pieces of Alexander from his F/W 2016 collection.

Dressed up in Alexander Wang to go meet the man himself.

On the 23rd of September, Alexander Wang made an appearance at Nordstrom’s newly opened Eaton Centre location to promote the Pop-IN featured at the store. One lucky Mr. Young got to attend a one-on-one styling session with the designer himself. I cannot convey the excitement I felt when I received the invitation in any known human language. The closest known equivalent would probably be a shriek. When we arrived at the store, we were taken to a private room where we were greeted by Alex’s team all dressed up in classic Alexander Wang black. The man himself followed shortly after, ironically wearing a sweater of his collection with Classic Black embroidered on it. 

One of my favourite teeshirts from the collection.

Accessories anyone?

Alexander’s cool energy is exactly what you would expect of him, grabbing clothes off the racks with one hand and sipping on a glass of champagne with the other. The collection features trademark characteristics of the brand: lots of oversized clothing with a big focus on military namely with large camouflage pants, combat boots and big parkas. However my interest lied mostly in the quirkier pieces. The white tee featuring Alex’s playlist on the back and a plea to “Stop leaking my shit” on one sleeve is a statement against digital piracy. A sweater with a boxier cut featured Classic Black on it. I will let you guess which colour the sweater was.

A few of the pieces chosen during the one-on-one styling session with the designer.

One of the distinctive features of Alex: His long wavy hair.

Sometimes it is hard for people to live up to the expectations you have of them especially in the context of a fashion legend such as Mr. Wang, but I am happy to say that this was not the case. Yesterday I took Kanye West’s advice and I was “spending everything on Alexander Wang” and I left with my wallet lightened considerably but with a heart filled with fond memories.