The Boy on the Audible Train / by Didier Young

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Growing up, my parents always put a big emphasis on education. Along with after school tuition and the need to score good grades in class (there is nothing lower than an A in an asian household), my parents always made sure that I was well read. What started out with a collection of Enid Blyton books soon turned into the Harry Potter saga and progressed into the classic Regency fiction of my mother’s favourite, Jane Austen. Over the years, my passion for literature remained a semi-permanent fixture in my life. What started out as a great way to improve my vocabulary became an escape from my everyday life.

audible canada toronto COS outfit menswear

Of course, things changed over the years. I started watching the movies based off the books instead of doing the actual reading. It became a lot easier to absorb the story via the visual stimulus offered by them over the course of an hour and a half rather than spending two weeks to finish a book. However, this also helped to inhibit my imagination as I no longer needed to use it to picture Rivendell or try and visualize what Harry Potter looked like. I tried in vain to rekindle my love for reading but in the process, I found a great alternative: Audible books.

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To celebrate the launch of, we were kindly invited to take a train ride from Toronto to Montreal. We stepped onto platform 9 3/4 and made our way to Hogwa… sorry, wrong storyline. We were joined by Don Katz (Founder and CEO of the company founded in 1995), Jon Fleming (Country Manager for Canada) and Andrew Gaies (Chief Content Officer) on the Glenfraser car and we were given a small introduction to the Amazon owned company. Audible is available for $14.95 CAD a month as part of a subscription service. The monthly subscription provides members with 1 credit a month which can be used to redeem any title (1 credit =1 audiobook). The Audible membership also provides members with the opportunity to purchase titles a la carte at a 30% discount.


Over the course of the five hour train ride between the two Canadian cities, I decided to relive part of my childhood by listening to Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. By the time we reached Montreal, I had listened to over half of the book, a feat that would not have been accomplished if I had decided to pick up the physical copy instead. Being on a train truly did accentuate the feeling of being part of the magical world of Harry Potter and I look forward to my ride back home which will bring the audio book to an end.

audible canada toronto COS outfit menswear

With the power of words, authors are able to transport us to faraway lands where princesses are saved from dragons by knights in shining armour. Universes where little unassuming boys living in cupboards under staircases find out that they have a grander destiny than they anticipated. Thanks to, you can now simply lay back and listen to those stories like when your parents used to read them to you, once upon a time.




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