Aubergine / by Didier Young

Roses are red, my favourite colour is blue. Purple is an intermediate between the two. The colour purple may refer to multiple things: It could be a reference to a movie featuring Whoopie Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey, a symbol of royalty or in today’s case, it could simply be the colour of my whole outfit. The specific shade we are looking at is aubergine, a fancy word of eggplant or simply how you say it in french. 

When it comes to picking their colours, people then to gravitate towards the classic colours. One often forgets the colourful spectrum in between. We replace cerulean with navy, trade magenta for burgundy and tuscan sun in favour of khaki. Other colours often disappear from our wardrobes as they are considered inappropriate to be worn as adults. We learn to become scared of peacock blue, tangerine and seafoam green. However there are often colours that, once darkened enough, can be as regal and classy as ebony black.

I will admit: I have been one of those people scared of straying from his usual colour palette. I always had a love for interesting design elements when it came to clothing, but my colours of choice remained fairly expected. If only I had a dollar for every time that I’ve had people tell me that I would like a specific piece because it was blue. Aubergine was a nice compromise: it is a relative of the colour blue and it is a perfect colour for autumn. I figured I would go big or go home and thus, I decided to put together a whole outfit made out of the colour.

One could approach such a monochrome outfit in two ways. You could make sure that each piece is a different shade in order to create a slight variation in the colour spectrum, however you would not end up with an outfit that is purely eggplant. The second option would be to wear pieces in the exact same shade. That option is not the easiest to execute: even when you’re looking for an all black outfit, you still encounter issues colour matching so you can only imagine how much harder it is when it comes to purple. The easiest solution would be to purchase each piece from the same brand. That would usually give you a higher chance of finding an exact match. Colour matching has the potential of looking like a sweatshirt/ sweatpants combo but if you pick the right design elements, it may end up looking quite chic.

Colour can transform a person for the better or for the worse. As bold a statement as it might be, do not be afraid of colour. Give it a try and you never know, it might work wonderfully for you. After all, not everything needs to be black or white.



Turtleneck, jacket, pants & bag by COS/ Boots by J.Crew/ Socks by Club Monaco