Food Habits, Keeping New Year Resolutions and the Impact of my Amex Cobalt Card / by Didier Young

Let’s face it: I love to eat out. As a full time content creator, I am always in search of new aesthetically pleasing restaurants and I am always eager to try new food. However, as part of my new year resolutions, I had promised myself that I would try to cook at home more often and to eat in a healthier manner. Only eight percent of us manage to keep our new year resolutions while the others will give up within the first few weeks of the year. Am I part of the eight or the ninety-two percent?

If we were to create a Venn diagram to illustrate this, I’d probably be smack in the middle of it. I still go out and eat at restaurants frequently but I have also picked up my knife once again. I will admit that it has been quite nice to be able to cook dishes that my mother taught me growing up and it never fails to remind me of home.The great thing is that no matter whether I choose to stay home or to go out for food, I am always a winner thanks to my American Express Cobalt card.

I signed up to the program when it first launched late last year and I haven't regretted it since. For the first year, you earn 2500 bonus points for each billing cycle during which you’ve spent more than $500 (which is every month, let’s be honest). On top of that, I’ve been getting 5x the points on all eats and drinks, including groceries, dining out, ordering in, or grabbing my morning coffee which has been greatly satisfying. It definitely makes me feel like I’ve been getting more bang for my buck. I recently checked out the list of redeemable goods that I could use my points towards and while some of the gift cards being offered are quite tempting, I think that I’m going to save them for a bigger reward. I have been itching to travel again lately so it’s nice to know that I might be able to do it for free by redeeming the points I have been accumulating.

If you want to know more about the Card, please click on the following link ( and start collecting points as well! I’ve never really needed a reason to eat before but now, every bite taste even more rewarding.



This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.