Altitude Sports X Canada Goose / by Didier Young

In my early twenties, I was faced with one of my biggest life decisions: to move abroad. It wasn’t a decision that came lightly but the move felt necessary for me to be able to further my career. Thus started a year long process of figuring out the pros and cons of the potential contenders for my new home country. We all know how the story ends. I ended up moving to Toronto, Canada, a charming city filled with energy, polite people, good food and intense winters.

As charmed as I was by the beautiful red Canadian fall, I was persistently reminded that it would come to an end. I heard whispers of cold winds approaching. People shuddering at the thought of snow. Winter was coming and everyone seemed to be unwilling to welcome it with open arms. I was still perplexed by the idea and thought that everyone was simply being overly dramatic but I soon learned the true force of the Canadian winter. That first year was spent miserably, wearing clothes ill-suited for the country’s coldest months. However, you can consider it a lesson learned as I promised that I would always be prepared for winter from there on.

Fast forward to 2017 and I have decided to add the Holy Grail of winter jackets to my wardrobe. The Resolute Parka by Canada Goose is the jacket upon which the brand’s reputation was built.  Extremely robust and water resistant,  the technical duck down filled coat is perfect for any outdoor activities in temperatures of -30C and below. On a comfort level, the jacket literally feels like you are walking around wrapped in your favourite duvet and it is by far, the warmest coat I have ever worn. The reason why this coat is perfect for extreme conditions also lies in the small details that were incorporated in its design. Other than the eight utilitarian pockets featured on the garment, Canada Goose included inner ribbed sleeves and a separate elasticized midsection which both prevent the cold winter air from reaching the torso. The hood also includes a retractable wiring system that allows for a prolonged hood when battling snow storms.It isn't always easy to find the Resolute Parka due to its popularity but thankfully I was able to find it in my size on Altitude Sports. The website offers free shipping and returns and they price match within 15 days of purchase.

Finding a coat isn't always the easiest but when you find the right one, you’ll learn that there is no reason to chicken out when it comes to winter. Sometimes you just have to goose out.