ACNE studios / by Didier Young

The English language is a fairly easy one to comprehend. It is simpler to write than French and far easier to pronounce than Spanish. However, there are a few curveballs that prevent the formation of a straight line. Such an obstacle is a homonym. A word with the same pronunciation and written form but with a completely different meaning. Such a homonym is present in the fashion world as well: we all dislike having Acne (vulgaris) which would render our faces a tad less photographable but we are all crazy about ACNE (studios).

With their Ambition to Create Novel Expressions, ACNE became a juggernaut in today’s minimalist fashion scene. The company ACNE was created in 1996 but was not intent on becoming a fashion house. It was only in 2006 when Acne Studios was created to differentiate it from the different subsidiaries of the Acne company. Since then, ACNE has become a beloved brand with the fashion crowd and the house shows in Paris Fashion Week each season. The brand started out with a selection of denim that they became famous for and followed suite with a full fledged line that includes buttery leathers, comfortable sweatshirts and shoes so cute that they will make you smile. Or that will smile at you quite literally.

Soaking in the last rays of summer.

I have made it abundantly clear how much I love the brand in the past. If you’ve followed my journey so far, you would have noticed pieces from the brand interspersed throughout my blog and Instagram posts. Today’s outfit is a head-to-toe celebration of Acne. The pants and shoes were purchased during my recent trip to Copenhagen and are pieces that I hold very dear in my closet. The sweater was a more recent purchase. I was never a big fan of turtlenecks in the past but when I saw it, it was love at first sight. Funnily enough, one of my friends ended up pointing out that Drake wore the same one in the video for Hot Line Bling. This was not a factor taken into consideration when purchasing this piece but it was a cool bit of trivia none the less.  I was so eager to wear the sweater that I ended up putting it on during the first somewhat cold day of the season. 

Pants & shoes brought back from a trip in Copenhagen.

I learned the hard way that patience is indeed a virtue that is well rewarded as it was not nearly cold enough for a wool turtleneck sweater outside. Once the lesson was learnt, these photos came to life and will act as a reminded of an outfit that I shall replicate this fall, over and over again.



Turtleneck, pants & shoes by ACNE studios/ T-shirt by UNIQLO/ Glasses by L.G.R