Skincare Review: Abeille Royale Day & Night Cream / by Didier Young

I have professed my love for a multitude of skincare brands over the years but because there’s always so much innovation out there on the market, the products that I try one year don’t always make it to a second or third bottle. Thankfully a lot of brands are smartening up and they will often continue to perfect the formulas of their best sellers to make sure that they remain relevant with the current technological advances in skincare. Guerlain is no exception: I wrote about some of the products in their Abeille Royale line a while back and I kept on restocking on them since then. The brand recently launched and relaunched a few goodies and kindly sent me a sample of the new products to try out.

First off, if you’d like to know more about the Black bees that make the rare honey that is used in the Abeille Royale products, just watch the above video or read my previous blog post about the brand.

Abeille Royale Night Cream

Let’s start with the Night Cream. The reformulated cream contains a blend of multiple types of honey including the famed Ouessant Island Black Bee honey, Corsican honey, New Zealand clover honey and Guerlain’s exclusive Royal Jelly, harvested in France. By combining their Black Bee repair technology (present in every product from the Abeille Royale line) and Vitamin E, the night cream helps to firm up the skin while smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, the brand has been very vocal about their commitment to a more sustainable world and they have redesigned the packaging to reduce its environmental impact. The jars are more compact which reduces the amount of material needed to create them but it also makes it far easier to travel with. Now let’s talk about the product itself. The scent is lovely and ties in with the fragrance created by head parfumeur Thierry Wasser for the Abeille Royale line. The texture of the product is very creamy in the jar but once absorbed into the skin, it leave the skin feeling supple and very velvety. I haven’t had the chance to try it out for very long but it did show textural results within 30 minutes of application. I am very intrigued by this cream and I cannot wait to keep using it.

50ml- CA$ 206

Abeille Royale Day Cream

Of course, one couldn’t reformulate the night cream without also applying some changes to the day cream version as well. The main differentiating ingredient in the Day cream formula seems to be the inclusion of Vitamin C instead of vitamin E which would make sense given the product’s claim to brighten the skin. The texture of the day cream is also silkier than the Night version but they both absorb quite beautifully. The results of the day cream aren’t as immediate as the night cream but I do prefer this one due to the fact that it is slightly less scented. Along with those two relaunches, Guerlain also launched two new versions of their day cream namely a Mattifying (for oily skin) and a Rich (for dry skin) version. The Mattifying day Cream is enriched with a sebo-regulating propolis complex that helps keep the skin in balance while the Rich Day Cream is a creamier version of the original. I have normal-to-combination skin which means that the original version was the perfect option for me but I did get to try the rich version on my hand and it felt quite hydrating as well.

50ml- CA$ 180

I am definitely going to have to give these products more time to truly be able to judge their long term benefits but I was pleasantly surprised by them thus far. The items that I previously reviewed from Abeille Royale have been part of my permanent skincare routine for a while now and I restocked them multiple times and I can definitely foresee the same thing happening with these new creams from Guerlain.