Monthly Skincare Review: Guerlain's Abeille Royale / by Didier Young

Founded in 1828 by Pierre- François Pascal Guerlain, the eponymous brand started out as a parfumerie at 42, Rue de Rivoli in Paris. With the creation of legendary scents such as the Eau de Cologne Imperiale for Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, the brand became a huge success in high society and eventually opened their flagship store at 15, rue de la Paix twelve years later. For four generations, the brand was handed down through the Guerlain family from son-to-son with each generation leaving behind an important piece in the Guerlain lineage (Aimé Guerlain’s Jicky in 1889, Jacques Guerlain’s Shalimar in 1925 and Jean-Paul Guerlain’s Chamade in 1969). While the brand remained heavily perfume-focussed over its 190 year history, Guerlain also expanded into a skincare and cosmetics empire like no other. This month’s skincare review will revolve around the brand’s Abeille Royale collection.

The great thing about the Abeille Royale collection is that it makes use of a technology that was created specially for it: The Blackbee repair technology. What is that you may ask? It is a technology that targets skin cells and key nerve cells in the skin’s regeneration process and its collagen level. By combining the honey of the rare black bee (found on Ouessant Island, this honey has exceptional properties and unrivalled purity) and the brand’s trademark royal jelly, Guerlain created a line that aims to be age-defying and restorative.

For the month, I used four of the Abeille Royale products but I’ve been a big fan of two of them for a while now. I started using the Youth Watery Oil about a year ago and it is one of the few products that I’ve completely finished in a while. Its formula is quite revolutionary: combining the power of a serum, the richness of an oil and the freshness of a lotion. Basically the water-based product contains micro drops of oil that burst as you apply it on your skin, leaving it revitalized, plumper and radiant. I absolutely fell in love with the youth watery oil from the moment I started using it. My skin felt so silky and soft after applying it and the Youth watery oil had the lushness of a serum without feeling sticky or thick on the skin. During the hotter days of summer, I often found myself applying it on without following up with a moisturizer and my skin felt totally moisturized and elastic.

The second product that I’ve had the chance to try prior is the Repairing Honey Gel mask and that was one of my favourite masks from last year as well. It felt incredibly moisturizing and plumping and it definitely helped during the colder months of the year when my skin really needed a lot of help. Now let’s talk about the new comers. This was my first time using the Gold Eyetech Eye Sculpt serum and ,surprise surprise, I fell in love with it. The applicator is absolutely genius and follows the natural movement of your finger which makes it the perfect contraption to massage your under eye area to help with de-puffing. I have been using it in combination with the Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Eye & Lip Contour cream and while I think that it was a bit much for this time of the year, this duo will be absolutely perfect for the upcoming winter.

Last but not least, we have the newest addition to the Abeille Royale family: The Double R- Renew & Repair serum. Why use a new serum if I already love the Youth watery oil? Because this one goes even further when it comes to the anti-aging process by combining the BlackBee repair technology with a soft-peel treatment. This creates a very effective combo (especially when it is paired with the Youth Watery Oil) when it comes to the visible signs of ageing such as lost of elasticity, wrinkles, dull skin or imperfections. The combination is meant to provide visible results within seven days and I can honestly say that I feel like my skin was reborn during the span of a week. The Soft-peel treatment is highly non-abrasive and doesn't leave your skin raw, dry or red. Instead, it simply gets rid of the dead cells in the gentlest way possible, leaving clean skin that is prime for repair.

Coming from a fragrance house definitely doesn’t hurt Abeille Royale either. Thierry Wasser, the nose of Guerlain, created an intoxicating sun drenched scent for the line that is memorable without being overbearing. All things considered, I truly do love the line but the pricing of the products is definitely not for the faint of heart. The line is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside and I definitely put a lot of value on great skincare so I personally do feel that it is worth every penny.