Hotel Review: Hotel Monville / by Didier Young

I have spent so many years in Toronto that my life seems to be forever intertwined with the city. For the last ten years, I’ve called Toronto home but it almost didn’t turn out that way for me. As a bilingual, Montreal and Toronto were both big contenders when I was trying to figure out where to live in Canada but the winter temperatures in the Quebec City soon dissuaded me from moving there. I am still very happy with my choice to live in Toronto but I still greatly enjoy heading over to La Belle Province yearly. For this year’s Osheaga trip, we decided to stay at the Hotel Monville in downtown Montreal.

Montreal is a city that may not be the biggest but still has so much ground to cover. Each different areas of the city comes with its own set of entertainment and perks and as such, finding a hotel that makes it easy to travel around is key. Since it was Andrew’s first time here, we wanted to make sure that he would have plenty of time in the Old Port which is undeniably the most beautiful part of the city. We also wanted to be fairly close to the metro which is Montreal’s transit system as it is the best and cheapest way to get around the city and access spots that may be a bit of a hike up Mont Royal. One of the great things about Hotel Monville is how close it is to everything. It is a minute away from the Place D’armes Metro, two minutes away from Old Port and a five minute walk to the Quartier Des Spectacles and Saint Catherine street which is the main shopping street in the city. We would walk over to the Old Port in the morning to grab chocolate brioches at Olive et Gourmando and polish it off with a latte from Crew Collective in front of the Notre Dame Basilica. We would then walk over to St Catherine to grab lunch and shop a bit before heading back to the hotel, quickly change into our festival gear and walk over to the Place D’Armes metro which literally took us right at the gates of the Osheaga music festival. The proximity of the metro allowed us to go grab dinner at far off spots such as Maison Publique and to enjoy Sunday morning at the Marché Atwater

While location is one of the main reasons why we picked Hotel Monville, there are also other factors to take into consideration when picking a hotel. The newly built hotel has a stunning lobby that is sure to wow anyone entering the premises and it leads to a bar and dining area where one could come to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner. The staff was absolutely charming and the electronic check-in counters made the whole process run quite smoothly. Our room was located on the fifteenth floor of the building and allowed us a gorgeous view of the city and each room is furnished with comfortable king-sized beds and 50 inch TVs. The hotel’s wifi ran very smoothly (which isn’t something that I can about every hotel I’ve stayed at) and there is a 24/7 gym on location for anyone who might require a workout during their stay at Monville. One thing that should be noted is how technologically savvy the hotel is, most notably in the way they deliver the room service. They have a friendly robot that is located on the main floor near the elevators and he is the one who will bring up anything that you may want ordered to your room. Due to the nature of our little helper, unfortunately you cannot order drinks in glasses or anything hot so the menu is somewhat limited. There is also a charming rooftop that is accessible to hotel guests and you are free to order your drinks from the lobby bar and take it up at your leisure.

In terms of amenities, the hotel has the above mentioned lobby bar and 24/7 gym access but unfortunately they do not have a pool nor a spa. However, the hotel does have an ongoing collaboration with the Scandinave spa located within walking distance from the hotel and you can opt for a hotel package with access to it. They also have other fun packages and you can find all the information on their website (they currently have packages in collaborations with Bota Bota and Piknic Electronik). It is also worth noting that the hotel is pet friendly so you do not have to leave your pets at home when you’re coming to the city!

Whether it is your first time in Montreal or you come frequently, Hotel Monville is a hotel worthy of consideration for your next stay. Other than a pool, it ticks every box on my check list when it comes to a hotel and I can’t wait to book it again on a future trip to the city.