Turning 29 and Upcoming Trip / by Didier Young

This past week, I bit adieu to the twenty eighth year of my life and warmly welcomed the twenty ninth. I know that according to society’s guidelines, I should be stressing out about the fact that I am verging on my thirties but somehow, I felt an odd sense of calm about the whole idea.


Entering a new decade is often considered an adverse sign of times gone by, a constant reminder of our fragility and mortality. After all, we are not getting younger. We are slowing wrinkling, becoming less energetic and at times, it may feel like we are rapidly stepping towards our ultimate demise. However, I chose not to view it in that way. A new decade means a fresh chapter of my life. While I may be getting older, I do also hope that it means that I am getting wiser and sharpening my skill sets. It also means that I have managed to survive yet another ten years, which is surprising given my level of clumsiness.


Every year, I’ve always treated myself to some new designer pieces for my birthday but I decided to change it up this time around. After a blessed year of non-stop full time blogging, I required a way of resourcing myself and breaking the routine of my life. As such, last week I decided to book a trip to London and Paris for my birthday. Will it mean that I won’t be posting on social media? Probably not. Will I simply enjoy the sights of the two European cities through my eyes rather than my camera lens? Definitely not. This trip doesn't mean that I will stop working, it simply means that I will experience something new, a welcomed change in my surroundings.

I am looking forward to hang with my friends, trying to catch a glimpse of the Queen in London and eat my weight in pastries in Paris. Discover new cafes and food places, new designers to fawn over and beautiful architecture. I am ready to kick start a new leg of my life on the right foot. I will gladly be taking recommendations for both cities. Starting. Now.



OUTFIT DETAILS: Coat by H&M Studio/ Sweater by J.W Anderson X UNIQLO/ Pants by Everlane/ Sunglasses from ACNE STUDIOS/ Shoes by Common Projects