Writing a bio about oneself may seem a tad self centered. As such, I shall write it in the third person.

Didier is a guy of Chinese descent, raised in Africa and the proud owner of a french name. How does one stumble into such an odd ethnic makeup one may ask? One cannot say for sure but a couple of decades ago (the exact number shall not be disclosed), Mr. Didier made his grand entrance into this world on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Fast forward to 2009, Mr. Didier packed up his bags and was ready to leave his small tropical jungle in favour of the concrete jungle of Toronto. Little did he know that after concluding his studies and working in his chosen field for five years, life would end up dealing him a different hand of cards. 

Nowadays, Mr. Didier is a proud defendant of the slow lifestyle movement, minimalism at its best, delicious food and reasonable fashion choices. Feel free to tag along with Didier on his journeys, from the land of the IKEA makers to the small hidden gems of Toronto. Or don't. The choice is yours to make.